Dean is possibly the most compelling writer and storyteller I have ever had the pleasure of working with. He has a remarkable ability to find the human interest angle in the most unlikely of topics. He is quick and incisive, and adept at planning content for a variety of media and channels. His interest and proficiency in photography give him a definite edge as an experienced, professional communicator.

Dawneen Mackenzie
Corporate Communication leader

Dean is a master wordsmith. He has an amazing ability to take complex and technical concepts and simplify them for any audience; consumer, corporate or trade. He is professional, precise and detailed. Dedicated and helpful, he went well beyond the scope of his role to help the marketing team attain a successful launch. Beyond his considerable writing and communication talents, Dean is a strong team player.


Navia Sharma
Director of sales force development
Lafarge Canada

I had the privilege of working with Dean on several international conferences that had many logistic challenges. These presentations were of the up most importance and a significant investment by the corporation. The project involved many disciplines including video production, graphic design and print. Dean played a crucial role in managing all the components of the presentations to provide a strong brand for the event. He worked closely with senior management to build and present content for the conference. When challenges arose, he strategically worked with the large team to find solutions.

David Collins
Advanced Computer Graphic Specialist
London Life

Dean is an incisive writer who expresses ideas cleanly and concisely. Dean is economic in his delivery and has honed an ability to choose words and expressions that powerfully and memorably illustrate his message. I have witnessed both creative and business wordsmithing and am impressed Dean is able move so skillfully from one vein to another. In addition, Dean is a business professional who can be relied on to meet deadlines and has a proven track record of leveraging a variety of communication vehicles.

John Kocemba
Copp Communication

I had the pleasure of working with Dean on communications for our Livingston U.S. sales team. He is more than a talented wordsmith who knows how to express a message in just the right way. He was always thinking strategically about our sales team newsletter and coming up with content ideas to help us build engagement with our team. I always knew I could rely on Dean to take our rough content outline and turn it into a motivating issue, more often than not on short notice and with a tight turnaround time. He’s as committed to his clients as he is to his craft.

Mark London
V.P. sales & marketing
G&D Integrated