How we work

How much do you charge?
What's your hourly rate?
Can you give me a cost on this project?

If these are the first questions you tend to ask, we may not be the right ally for you. Instead, let’s talk first about your needs and the creative solutions and value Oomph! can provide to meet them. Because our mission is to help you accomplish your communication and business goals with content that gets your messages across effectively, with audience-engaging energy.


When you ally with Oomph! you’re not just investing in our time and effort. You’re investing in our expertise and years of experience, too. That’s why we don’t compete on price. Our time, expertise and experience is valuable to us as well as you.

We don't compete on price.
Tell us your budget.

Once we have the details about your project, we’ll put together a costing that reflects the scope of the work involved. Tell us your budget, and we’ll work within it. We always prefer to work on a project-fee basis. You know how much you’re investing in our services. We know how much we’re earning for them. It’s a win-win for everyone, with no surprises.


(Although for some things, such as editing, we usually charge an hourly rate. Our rates are in line with the Editorial Freelancers Association guidelines.)


Our Guarantee

If you're really not satisfied with our work, we won't invoice you for it. Simple as that.

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We don't compete on price because we believe in building trusted long-term relationships and adding value.  And part of that is saying thank you. So if you contact us about a communication need by January 31, 2017, you'll get one hour of our services free. I'll build it into the project fee on the first projects Oomph! handles for you. Or, you can bank it towards your next project. You choose! Plus, you'll  automatically become a Bronze client. The more projects we work together on, the faster you can move up the podium levels and become a Diamond (VIP) client with all the privileges that go along with this. Don't miss this limited-time opportunity! Contact us today.



Our Simple Pricing Guide

Our pricing is pretty simple. We charge by the project, based on an hourly rate. Let's say, for example, that you need a state-of-the-market white paper written. To do the project for you, we have to do some initial research. Plus we have to attend a two-hour meeting, and record some interviews. Then we have to vet the mp3 to pull some good quotes. Then write a draft or two, and make revisions as requested. We'll price the project based on all of the time, effort and value we believe is involved. You get a package price, with no surprises on the final invoice. We want you to know and understand up front how much you're investing in us.


The Oomph! VA Option

That's what we call our retainer-fee package. If you have numerous projects and numerous services you need on a regular basis, it makes sense to ally with us on a retainer. You can choose the number of hours you need every month. The Oomph! VA Option lets you budget for your communication needs, and you'll know exactly how much you're investing with us. 


Oomph! VA Option details

Minimum of 10 hours per month

Extended retainer agreement, or monthly retainer (this can be cancelled with written notice)

You save almost 25% on normal project-rate fees

Unused hours can't be carried over to the next month

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